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Komposit-45º koppling – Rörlig utvändig hangänga


45º elbow fitting – Swivel external male thread

  • PCC – Coarse pitch conduit
    PCF – Fine pitch conduit
  • Smooth through bore
  • High strength and high impact resistance, 
  • Lightweight 
  • Full swivel function on elbow fittings 
  • Nickel plated brass & Polyamide (Nylon) 66 fitting 
  • For use with: Type PA / CP / PR / PADL & PF conduits
  • Temperature range – Static Applications: -50ºC to +120ºC
    Temperature range – Moving Applications: -45ºC to +120ºC
  • IP66 – IP68 (4 Bar 30 mins) & IP69 rated 
  • For insertion into knockouts using a locknut. Locknut supplied separately 

Typical applications

  • Areas of potential high impact 
  • Train bogies 
  • Areas where additional mechanical need to protect against damage 
  • Rail infrastructure 
  • Trackside 
  • Machinery and equipment

Kategori: Komposit

Artikel nummer



PCF13/M16/S45 13mm M16
PCF16/M16/S45 16mm M16
PCF21/M20/S45 21mm M20
PCC28/M25/S45 28mm M25
PCC34/M32/S45 34mm M32
PCC42/M40/S45 42mm M40
PCC54/M50/S45 54mm M50

Artikel nummer kort gänga



PCF13/M16S/S45 13mm M16S
PCF16/M16S/S45 16mm M16S
PCF21/M20S/S45 21mm M20S
PCC28/M25S/S45 28mm M25S
PCC34/M32S/S45 34mm M32S
PCC42/M40S/S45 42mm M40S
PCC54/M50S/S45 54mm M50S

Artikel nummer JAKOB koppling


PCF13/M16/S45/J 13mm M16
PCF16/M16/S45/J 16mm M16
PCF21/M20/S45/J 21mm M20
PCC28/M25/S45/J 28mm M25
PCC34/M32/S45/J 34mm M32
PCC42/M40/S45/J 42mm M40
PCC54/M50/S45/J 54mm M50