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aluDISC finns i 4 Storlekar, IP66/67.Optioner: IP69K, transparent skyddslock, RAL7035


Denna serie kapslingar passar utmärkt för att t ex ha som analog eller digital display, genom det extra genomsynliga locket skyddas displayen eller knappsatsen från sin omgivning. Att designen är rund gör att det hela känns mer påkostat.
Tillänglig i 4 storlekar enligt nedan tabell

Kategori: Aluminiumkapslingar

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The first round aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics & electrical equipment

  • Unique shape visually integrates with
    industrial equipment and pipework
  • Go anywhere: wall, bulkhead, machine etc.
  • Lid recess for fitting a round membrane
    keypad or product label
  • Clip-on lid cover trims hide all the fixing and mounting screws
  • Enclosure can be mounted even while closed
  • Available with hinged transparent lid cover
  • Optional lid hinge/support (DH)
  • Internal screw bosses for mounting PCBs,
    mounting plates and assemblies

Teknisk data

IP rating:
IP 67 / EN 60529
IP 69K / EN 60529 (Option code: PLUS-IP69K)
Diecast Aluminium: EN AC- 44300 DIN EN 1706 (GD AL Si 12/DIN 1725)
1° die-casting draft for cast ejection
Powder coat, light grey, RAL 7035. Special finish & colours on request
Option code: L - Corrosion proof coating
Lid recess:
Integrated 1.7mm recess in lid for mounting membrane keypads, front
panels or product labels
Lid gasket:
Silicon gasket (-50°C to +140°C)
Optional: Chloroprene gasket (-50°C to +140°C)
hinged cover :
Cover and hinge mechanism in transparent polycarbonate
(PC) UV-stabilised, sealable. UL 94 V-2 - 0.36 - 1.9 mm. HB > 1.9 mm
EMC Shielding :
Enclosure fitted with EMC gasket and interior masked free of paint
Option code: EMV
Lid screws:
Captured stainless steel 1.4567 screws
Lid support:
Screw hinge and cover screw with plastic element in stainless steel and polyamide (PA6)
Option code: DH
Lid cover trims:
Thermoplastic POM in anthracite grey, RAL 7016
Separate screw shafts outside of the enclosure interior for wall mounting etc.
Note: Add option code to part number when ordering. E.g. 280.120.000+PLUS-IP67+DH = IP67 rated aluDISC with lid hinge/supports.
Technical Notes:
Technical specifications for the products on this page may be subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please check any critical specifications or criteria by contacting our sales team before ordering your products. No liability is accepted for typographical or any other errors.



* with protection Cover                                 ⬤ standard       o available            - not available

Type Part No. Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g) Silicon-gasket Lid holders Shielding Corrosion proof coating Mounting plates Protection Class IP 69K Download
AR 080 280.080.000 110 97 55 410 - o o o o Download
AR 100 280.100.000 130 119 65 590 o o o o o Download
AR 120 280.120.000 150 139 80 820 o o o o o Download
AR 120 * 280.120.100 150 139 80 820 o o o o o Download
AR 160 280.160.000 190 179 90 1190 o o o o o Download