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  • SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES
  • SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES
  • SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES
  • SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES
  • SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES

SPP – insatser till delbara ramar DES

The SPP multi grommets for the DES split frames can hold two (2X) or four (4X) cables with diameter from 2 to 8 mm depending on the model. They are made with high quality elastometer (TPE) in grey or black color, both self estinguish according to UL94V0. Once installed in the DES split frames they guarantee IP66 degree of protection and strain relief according to EN62444.

The Detas patented system  allows the installation of the grommets in a twofold way: snap in  or sliding. In both cases, the double track provide grommets stability and at the same time the freedom to install the grommet in any position inside the frame.

The elastomeric material guarantees ideal elasticity and long life. Our TPE is one of the highest quality available on the market, very difficult to scratch with strong resistance to industrial oils and saline environment. They are available in grey and black, in both cases self-extinguishing according to UL94 V0.

Small single grommets
Small double grommets
Small – quadruple grommets
Small Blind Extended-Range Grommet
Pierceable small grommets
Small grommet holders with threaded inserts

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Material: TPE
Properties: halogen-free, silicone-free,flame class V0
both Grey and Black colors, comply with ASTM IRM 903 , UL 157 

Teknisk data

Flammability: self-extinguishing according to UL94-V0 (grey or black)
Temperature: -40°C... +110°C (static)

Part no Gray Part no Black Grommet insert with one hole  ø Cabel (mm) Packing unit Download
DES-SPP0G DES-SPP0B Insert DES "blind" IP66 0,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2G DES-SPP2B Insert DES ø2-3mm slit IP66 2,0-3,0 10 Download
DES-SPP3G DES-SPP3B Insert DES ø3-4mm slit IP66 3,0-4,0 10 Download
DES-SPP4G DES-SPP4B Insert DES ø4-5mm slit IP66 4,0-5,0 10 Download
DES-SPP5G DES-SPP5B Insert DES ø5-6mm slit IP66 5,0-6,0 10 Download
DES-SPP6G DES-SPP6B Insert DES ø6-7mm slit IP66 6,0-7,0 10 Download
DES-SPP7G DES-SPP7B Insert DES ø7-8mm slit IP66 7,0-8,0 10 Download
DES-SPP8G DES-SPP8B Insert DES ø8-9mm slit IP66 8,0-9,0 10 Download
DES-SPP9G DES-SPP9B Insert DES ø9-10mm slit IP66 9,0-10,0 10 Download
DES-SPP10G DES-SPP10B Insert DES ø10-11mm slit IP66 10,0-11,0 10 Download
DES-SPP11G DES-SPP11B Insert DES ø11-12mm slit IP66 11,0-12,0 10 Download
DES-SPP12G DES-SPP12B Insert DES ø12-13mm slit IP66 12,0-13,0 10 Download
DES-SPP13G DES-SPP13B Insert DES ø13-14mm slit IP66 13,0-14,0 10 Download
DES-SPP14G DES-SPP14B Insert DES ø14-15mm slit IP66 14,0-15,0 10 Download
DES-SPP15G DES-SPP15B Insert DES ø15-16mm slit IP66 15,0-16,0 10 Download
DES-SPP16G DES-SPP16B Insert DES ø16-17mm slit IP66 16,0-17,0 10 Download
Part no Gray Part no Black Grommet insert with two holes ø Cabel (mm) Packing unit Download
DES-SPP2x2G DES-SPP2x2B Insert DES 2x ø2-3mm slit IP66 2x 2,0-3,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x3G DES-SPP2x3B Insert DES 2x ø3-4mm slit IP66 2x 3,0-4,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x4G DES-SPP2x4B Insert DES 2x ø4-5mm slit IP66 2x 4,0-5,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x5G DES-SPP2x5B Insert DES 2x ø5-6mm slit IP66 2x 5,0-6,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x6G DES-SPP2x6B Insert DES 2x ø6-7mm slit IP66 2x 6,0-7,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x7G DES-SPP2x7B Insert DES 2x ø7-8mm slit IP66 2x 7,0-8,0 10 Download
DES-SPP2x8G DES-SPP2x8B Insert DES 2x ø8-9mm slit IP66 2x 8,0-9,0 10 Download
Part no Gray Part no Black Grommet insert with four holes ø Cabel (mm) Packing unit Download
DES-SPP4x2G DES-SPP4x2B Insert DES 4x ø2-3mm slit IP66 4x 2,0-3,0 10 Download
DES-SPP4x3G DES-SPP4x3B Insert DES 4x ø3-4mm slit IP66 4x 3,0-4,0 10 Download
DES-SPP4x4G DES-SPP4x4B Insert DES 4x ø4-5mm slit IP66 4x 4,0-5,0 10 Download
DES-SPP4x5G DES-SPP4x5B Insert DES 4x ø5-6mm slit IP66 4x 5,0-6,0 10 Download
DES-SPP4x6G DES-SPP4x6B Insert DES 4x ø6-7mm slit IP66 4x 6,0-7,0 10 Download
Part no Gray Part no Black Grommet insert with membrane ø Cabel (mm) Packing unit Download
DES-SPPK0G DES-SPPK0B Insert DES "blind" membrane IP66 0,0 10 Download
DES-SPPK1G DES-SPPK1B Insert DES ø2,5-7mm membrane IP66 2,5-7,0 10 Download
DES-SPPK2G DES-SPPK2B Insert DES ø4,5-10mm membrane IP66 4,5-10,0 10 Download
DES-SPPK3G DES-SPPK3B Insert DES ø7,5-12,5mm membrane IP66 7,5-12,5 10 Download
DES-SPPK4G DES-SPPK4B Insert DES ø9-14mm membrane IP66 9,0-14,0 10 Download
DES-SPPM4G DES-SPPM4B Insert DES 4x ø1-6mm membrane IP66 4 x 1,0-6,0 10 Download
DES-SPPM4bG DES-SPPM4bB Insert DES 2x ø3-4 + 2x 7-8mm membrane IP66 5 x 1,0-6,0 10 Download
Part no Gray Part no Black Grommet insert with threaded hole Thread Packing unit Download
SPP F8G X Insert DES med M8x0,5mm thread M8 x 0,5 10 Download
SPP F12G X Insert DES med M12x1,0mm thread M12 x 1 10 Download
SPP F1/4G X Insert DES med 1/4" thread 1/4" 10 Download
SPP F1/8G X Insert DES med 1/8" thread 1/8" 10 Download