profiPLUS är det designade bärarmssystemet från Rolec.
Snyggt och elegant med fantastiska egenskaper och dessutom med adapter för Siemens, Beckhof, B&R,
Måttanpassat till HMI efter önskemål.


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profiPlus bärarmsystem

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Konfigurator som hjälper dig välja byggstenar och visuellt se hur det blir, du kan sedan få denna som en 3D cad ritning eller pdf,
skriv in din e-post i rutan högst upp och välj steg för steg så ritas en 3D Cad bild upp efterhand nedtill på sidan:

Profiplus 50 horisontell Profiplus50 vertikal Profiplus70 horisontell Profiplus 70 vertikal



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  • Modern and ergonomic suspension system with medium load capacity up to 50 kg

  • Highly attractive and innovative ball joint design visually integrates with modern devices
  • Two models PP50 with 50 mm tubes and PP70 with 70 mm tubes
  • Elegant modular, multivariable suspension system
  • Optimum solution for universal applications
  • Standard adaptors for display panels from Siemens and Beckhoff
  • Light and medium load capacities
  • Simple and fast horizontal adjustment with just a single set screw
  • Integrated pivot range limiting screw to set any range required
  • Spacious cable routing for USB, HDMI, DVI, CP-Link4, Profinet/Ethernet and other device connectors
  • Integrated cable protectors at all the junctions
  • Ingress protection IP54
  • Integrated earth bonding of all parts
  • 30 Kg at 1,000 mm (PP50)
  • 50 Kg at 1,000 mm (PP70)



Teknisk data


IP rating:
IP54 / EN 60529
System Components:

Die cast aluminium, RAL 7035 light grey


Plastic (POM), RAL 7016 anthracite grey


PVC-P, (-30°C to +70°C), RAL 7016 anthracite grey

Support Profiles:

Extruded aluminium pressed profile, silver anodised Fastening thread preformed

Chloroprene (CR), (-30°C to +90°C)
Powder coat paint on metal parts or natural material colour
Technical Notes:
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  multiPANEL/profiPLUS (35,2 MB) Video om profiPLUS


An all-rounder for modern machines.
Support systems for enclosures and devices are always in view. Their appearance should harmonise with the design of modern machines. The technology must enable time-saving assembly with internal cable routing. Furthermore, additional equipment items such as comprehensive equipotential bonding and practical rotation limitation are important decision criteria.
For the pivoting elements of our new support system profiPLUS we simply took the round, rotating earth as a template and realised a stable, diverse and aesthetically pleasing joint as the centre point. A complete suspension arm system with numerous intelligent components was developed around this round centre point.

Naturally with adaptation options for products from leading manufacturers.

Principle Economic, compact and elegant designer suspension arm system for light to medium loads
Additional info Possible to connect control enclosures from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R, CRE Rösler and ROLEC
  The spacious cable routing offers an optimum connection with all interfaces, sufficient space is available for a range of cables and connectors
  Patented ROLEC solution for alignment of the complete system in a horizontal direction through a single set screw!
  Continuous equipotential bonding, DIN VDE 0113 / EN 60204-1 / IEC 204-1
  All couplings are equipped with pre-fitted support profile as standard
  Integrated cable protection in all system parts
  Optional: Signal light adapters for joint and elbow
Material/coating Die-cast aluminium alloy, powder coated RAL 7035 light grey
  Optional: Special colours
  Support profiles: Extruded aluminium profile, anodised silver, preformed fastening thread
  Optional: Anodised special colours or powder coated
  Covers: Plastic (POM), RAL 7015 anthracite grey
  Bellows: PVC-P, RAL 7016 anthracite grey, temperature resistance: -30°C to +70°C
Gasket Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR), temperature resistance: -30°C to +90°C
Cable routing Suitable for HDMI, patch cables, DVI, USB, cold-device plugs etc.
Ingress protection IP 54 / EN 60529